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Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions helps people across the United States start, fund, manage, sustain, and reinstate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations by providing these services:

501(c)(3) nonprofit start-up services

Susan completes the Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption to help clients across the United States earn 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to offer services in their communities through official nonprofit organizations.

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501(c)(3) nonprofit reinstatement services

If the IRS revoked the 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from your organization, Susan completes the process to help you reinstate the status.

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Form 990 Information Return completion services

The IRS requires all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to file the appropriate Form 990 Information Return each year to report how the organizations used tax-deductible money to offer community-based services.

Susan completes the Form 990N (ePostcard) for organizations that generated $50,000 or less in the prior fiscal year.

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Online self-paced nonprofit classes

Susan offers online self-paced nonprofit classes to teach people how to start, fund, manage, sustain, and reinstate nonprofit organizations. She also offers an excellent online Grant Writing MasterClass.

These online self-paced nonprofit classes allow you to learn around your schedule, at your pace, in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your homes.

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Questions, concerns, and suggestions

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