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The 50% OFF Discount ends June 30, 2022

Susan Woods is offering a 50% OFF discount on her customized 501(c)(3) application completion services until June 30, 2022.

Her normal fee to complete the application packet from beginning to end for her clients is $1,500. However, she is offering her services for half-price ($750) as one way she gives back to the community.

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Do NOT lose your 501(c)(3) status!

All administrators of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations must file the appropriate Form 990 Information Return every single year. If your nonprofit organization generated ZERO revenues, the IRS requires a Form 990 Information Return, nevertheless.

The type of Form 990 Information Return that you submit to the IRS depends upon the amount of revenues and assets your 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization generated or acquired in the prior fiscal year.

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In addition, the due date to submit the Form 990 Information Return depends upon when the fiscal year ends for your nonprofit organization.

For example, if your fiscal year ends on December 31, then the Form 990 Information Return is due on May 15 the next year because the Form 990 Information Return is always due by the fifth month and 15th day after your fiscal year ends.


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Reserve 501(c)(3) phone consultation

work 17What is your 501(c)(3) nonprofit vision?

You are invited to reserve a private phone consultation to discuss your vision to start a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or to discuss the steps required to reinstate your nonprofit organization after automatic revocation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The purpose of the phone consultations is to provide YOU an opportunity to discuss your 501(c)(3) nonprofit vision. Susan takes notes while you share your vision to make sure it complies with IRS guidelines.

The phone consultations are very important to Susan and she respects your time by being prepared and ready to talk.