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Nonprofit Classes Photo Gallery: 2007 – Present

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4 Replies to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Hello. I just viewed your YouTube instructions video and I actually learned that I’m on the right path, but sadly after being laid off from a job I was using to invest for IRS fees, and more, I’m sadly at a standstill. I thank you for the time you shared with empowering those of us who would like to positively impact our communities.
    Thank you again.
    Beat regards,
    Harry Saffold Jr.


  2. I viewed your YouTube Presentation, and “what a presentation”, your delivery and content was so professional, and well put together. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    A. Monsanto


  3. Wow! May God bless you brave and decent Susan! I feel honoured and blessed by God that He led me to your Youtube introduction about Black Lice Matter (as the good Sheriff Clarke reti’d calls B.L.M.). I don’t want anything from you except perhaps to learn from such a smart and decent lady as you whose life sure matters, who uses her brain and senses to check the facts and truly cares about others and is not afraid to speak out against B.L.M. I really love your courage and your smarts, and I really hope that when I get to Heaven I will see you there as I’m too poor to visit you in America even if there was no travel ban. You’re a special lady and I really admire and respect you and I really hope we meet in Heaven!



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