Online Nonprofit Fundamentals Classes

Online Nonprofit Fundamental Classes 

The “Online Fundamental Nonprofit Classes Series” includes four classes that guide people through the steps to start, fund, manage, and sustain 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations according to IRS guidelines successfully.

Complete the four classes in order

We highly encourage you to complete the four classes in the in the order we present them because the information is accumulative. Therefore, you will understand the content better when you complete it in the correct order.

What is the cost?

The educational investment for each class is only $75 which includes a video-guided eBook that is yours forever. Therefore, you can print the eBook, read the content, complete the activities, and practice exercises as many times as you like while listening to the video.

Are you ready to learn?

If you are ready to learn how to start, fund, manage, and sustain 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations effectively, we invite you to purchase the online classes below and add them to your online library for future reference.

You can learn in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your home, around your schedule, and at your pace. Select the online courses you want to complete and start learning!!

Online Nonprofit Fundamentals Classes

Select the online nonprofit fundamentals classes you want to complete below. 

Starting Nonprofits Fundamentals – $75Start learning now >>
Funding Nonprofits Fundamentals – $75Start learning now >>
Managing Nonprofits Fundamentals – $75Coming soon!
Sustaining Nonprofits Fundamentals – $75Coming soon!
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