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  1. Dear Susan Woods;
    I just watched your YouTube segment ( July 2020) regarding BLM. I was deeply moved by your bravery, your honesty, your authoritative & knowledgeable commentary. (Many years ago I directed a very small 501-C3 organization here in my small community that worked to address AIDS education & service needs. Then, in the mid 1980s, few people would even discuss the issue, much less get involved. I share that only to underscore how important what you do is; I could sure have benefited by someone with your obvious experience & ethics.) Now, nearly a year after your much-needed message about BLM, we’ve learned that one cofounder has purchased lavish homes in largely white areas; other reports indicate much of the millions raised went to the Democrat Party. I am not a woman of color: I’m an Irish-Italian , raised by a single mother who had to rely at times on public assistance. A foreign-looking lady with no husband, six children, no car—nowhere to work— in very rural , small minded communities. As you know ,single mothers were not as common in the 1960s. My point is, having experienced prejudice, adversity, poverty, it is especially disappointing— angering , to see the deceptive/fraudulent use of monies that good,caring people have donated with trust that those dollars would truly help address real issues. Sadly, many charities have been co opted & exploited by the greedy & heartless.
    So, again, thank you for speaking the truth. Bless you & all the best in your endeavors.


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