Online: GWMC Assignments


You are embarking on an educational journey that will lead you to becoming an excellent Grant Writer in the nonprofit sector.

The Online Grant Writing MasterClass will teach you to write grant proposals that will earn corporate, foundation, and government grant funding successfully. Follow the directions below to complete the assignments.


  1. Print the Online Grant Writing MasterClass eBook.
  2. Create an Assignment Folder on your desktop to save your assignments.
  3. Select the links, listen very carefully to the information shared, write notes, and complete the activities according to the instructions.
  4. Click the Back arrow in the top-left corner of the screen when you are finished watching the videos to return to this page.
  5. Take your time and enjoy the Online Grant Writing MasterClass.
3Getting Started
4Overview Grant Proposal Components (1-5)
Grant Proposal Components
5Problem Statement
6Vision Statement
7Mission Statement
8Qualitative Objectives
9Quantitative Goals
10Program Description
11Program Budget
12Implementation Plan
13Evaluation Plan
14Sustainability Plan
Requests for Proposals (RFPS)
15RFP Introduction
16RFP Definition
17RFP Types
18RFP Common Guidelines
19RFP Tracking Progress
Practice Activities (RFPS)
20RFP Practice Activity – Locating Grant Money
21RFP research – Corporate
22RFP research – Foundation
23RFP research – Government
How to start a lucrative home-based Grant Writing Business
24The Small Business Administration
26Frequently asked questions
Grant Proposal – Graded Assignment

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