Grant Writing MasterClass (In-Person)

Grant Writing MasterClass

What: Grant Writing MasterClass (In-Person)
When: Saturday, October 6, 2018 (the last class this year)
Where: Drury Inn & Suites, 8925 Red Ock Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 
Time: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm EST
Fee: $50 per person (Sale Price!)



What you will learn?

The Grant Writing MasterClass (In-Person) teaches you the ten components of the standard grant proposal. We will use those components to write corporate, foundation, and government grant proposals. We will also discuss how to find grant money using requests for proposals. Finally, we will discuss how to start a lucrative home-based Grant Writing business.

By the end of the Grant Writing MasterClass, you will be able to complete the tasks listed below:

** locate grant money (requests for proposals)
** examine requests for proposals
** write the ten basic components of grant proposals
** write corporate, foundation, and government grant proposals
** grade grant proposals using a rubric scorecard
** role-play presenting grant proposals for funding
** write a basic business plan and learn how to get free advice
** establish a home-based grant-writing business
** create a marketing strategy to attract clients
** cultivate relationships with clients
** determine the appropriate fees for services
** network with leaders in the grant writing field



How the class is taught?

The class will be taught using these activities:
** lecture and demonstration
** grant proposal writing activities
** peer review and feedback
** grant-proposal grading activities
** role-play grant presentation activities
** hands-on activities searching for RFPs
** fun activities and networking



What does the $50 fee include?

The $50 fee includes the following:

** information presented in the Grant Writing MasterClass
** compensation for the teacher presenting the information
** three-ring binders with 95 pages and activities
** networking with other nonprofit leaders
** breakfast and lunch snacks



Please call Susan Woods at 704.968.2769 for more information.