Exclusive 50% OFF – Private

Dear Friends,
You scheduled a phone consultation with me to discuss your 501(c)(3) nonprofit vision. For whatever reason, we have not moved forward with completing the 501(c)(3) application packet.

IF financial resources is a concern for you, I am pleased to announce an Exclusive 50% OFF Discount on the standard $1,000 service fee I charge to complete a 501(c)(3) application packet from beginning to end.

This Exclusive 50% OFF Discount is only available until June 30, 2019, and it is not open to the public. So, please do not forward this e-mail message.

Follow these steps …
If you want like to pay the discounted $500 service fee to get your 501(c)(3) application packet completed, please follow these steps:
  1. Click the link below to listen to the video message that explains my services
  2. Read the Contractual Agreement (beneath the video message after you open it)
  3. Process the $500 Service Fee
  4. Attend a 15-minute meeting with me to discuss the next steps
  5. Move forward with turning your vision into reality

Video Message

Please click on the picture below to listen to the ten-minute video message to learn about my services. After listening to the video message, please download the Contractual Agreement and process the service fee using the link at the very bottom of the Contractual Agreement.






Contractual Agreement

Download the Contractual Agreement here >>. After you have read the contents of the Contractual Agreement, please process the $500 service fee using the PayPal link at the very bottom of the third page.

10-Minute Meeting

After you process the $500 service fee, I will schedule a ten-minute phone consultation to discuss your vision (again) and the next steps.

Thank you very much and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Susan Woods, Nonprofit Consultant