Opens July 1! Online Grant Writing MasterClass!

You are invited to enroll in the July 2020: Online (Self-Paced) Grant Writing MasterClass. This class walks you through the steps of writing a standard grant proposal. You will also learn how to find grant money through the “request for proposal research” process.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to write grant proposals around your schedule, at your pace, in the comfort and privacy of your home. The enrollment fee is only $90.

The class opens on July 1 and closes on July 31. So, you can take your time when completing your assignments.

Start learning @ home!

July 2020: Online (Self-Paced) Nonprofit Classes

Susan Woods Nonprofit Solutions offers online self-paced nonprofit classes to allow people to learn around their schedules, at their own pace, and in the privacy and comfort of their homes (or anywhere Internet access is available).

Susan Woods records online self-paced nonprofit classes with enthusiasm and shares current and accurate information regarding the nonprofit sector. She includes real-life examples and scenarios while teaching so that learners can visualize the experiences.

Start learning today!

You can enroll in the online self-paced nonprofit classes to take your nonprofit knowledge to the next level.  The online (self-paced) classes open on July 1 and close on July 31.

Questions? Call Susan Woods – 704.968.2769